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The importance of lubricating your button presses


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I bought a 1″ press and am experiencing some problems. It seems to be working fine except for when the button is finished there is a slice in the Mylar on the edge of the button and the slice appears to be in the same spot on every button. From what I can tell there isn’t anything in the seams or edges of the machine, please let me know if you have any ideas of what the problem would be.


The issue that you’re having is something that I’ve definitely seen many times before.  The first thing that I would try to remedy the situation, is applying some lubricant to the machine. This simply helps the mylar slide along the metal die instead of getting caught on (usually microscopic) metal bits.

Below is a link to a video on our website that walks you through button press maintenance. The part that I’m suggesting you try out is the the die lubrication. (I’ve also heard that a tiny little drop of vegetable oil basically does the same thing…)




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